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Welcome to Publishing!

If you have a book ready to go and are just looking for printing quotes,
and we will email you back with questions about your manuscript
and supply a guaranteed quote, usually within 24 hours.


If you have a manuscript and need detailed assistance
to produce a professionally printed book,
we will email you back with questions about your manuscript,
provide a detailed quote on all costs,
produce a timetable that suits your needs,
and help you through every aspect of this important process:


    • How to create your own Publishing House at no cost


    • How to obtain an ISBN number at no cost so book sellers world-wide can order your book


    • How to acquire a C.I.P. designation at no cost so libraries can order your book


    • How to add a price barcode to the back cover of your book at no cost so every bookstore and retailer can sell your book


    • Choose a Publishing Timeline that suits YOUR SCHEDULE


    • Provide low cost Professional Book Layout and Design options


    • Provide trusted and well known editors to help professionalize your manuscript if needed


    • Help you choose the price that will sell your book


    • Provide E-book designs and Print-On-Demand services that maximize selling online


    • If you have your own BOOK COVER designer, we provide a professional template for your graphic designer to use so your book cover arrives PRINT READY.


    • If you need a book cover, we provide low cost Professional Book Cover designs based on your preferences.


  • And when you are ready to celebrate your entry into publishing, we will help you organize a Book Launch!


One special note right up front: Our role is to help you publish your book. Your COPYRIGHT belongs to you. Our role is to make publishing as easy and affordable as possible for you. Should you prefer, all transactions are confidential and our logo will not appear on your book.

Stone’s Throw Publications is a sister of Piquant Productions.