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What is Meant by “Professionally Edited”?

Is Your Book Ready to be Published?

There are very few writers who can step back from their own work and impartially edit it. We have seen many manuscripts where the lack of editing was so obvious we did not think it was in the best interests of the writer to accept the assignment. Consequently we insist that every book we publish be edited by someone with the skills to perform this vital level of manuscript review.

Every author who self-publishes should hire an experienced editor to provide substantive and copy editing to ensure the grammar, punctuation, spacing and other essential aspects of language are ideal. Substantive editing involves reviewing a book for its effectiveness as a book (i.e., material that should be included or excluded from the book; the consistency and strength of the main themes; the optimal order of words and chapters to match the themes.) An editor initiates discussions to raise perspectives that an author may not have considered or recognized in his or her work. An editor sees the potential in a book and helps the author reach it. Every book we have published has been substantially improved as a result of good editing.

James Dewar, the Publisher, has edited over 20 books, co-edited 5 anthologies, edited scores of magazines and teaches advanced creative writing. He has also designed the layouts and edited several non-fiction books. 

Please visit Piquant Press for more information.

If an author has not obtained editing on a manuscript already, please contact us for an estimate. You will be provided with a quotation for editing the manuscript once it has been reviewed.*
James’ hourly rate is $50.00 + (HST).
Authors should plan for an editing process that averages 4 to 8 hours.**

* There is no charge for the initial review to arrive at an estimate of your editing requirements.

**Editing references from previous clients are available upon request.

This process is new to many writers. We enjoy explaining the benefits of this important step in the rewarding process of self-publishing your own book. Please contact us with any questions.

If, in the publisher’s opinion, a manuscript requires a substantial editorial review, or it is clear that the author must develop the craft of writing more fully before self-publishing, we will respectfully recommend that self-publication be delayed in the author’s best interests. For more details on the manuscript review services we offer please visit

Please note that clicking on this link takes you to our Inkslinger website. It contains the details of the Creative Writing Support programs we offer on a one-on-one basis and in group Workshops.