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Describe the Publishing Timeline


How long does it take until you hold your published book in your hands?

Upon presentation of a manuscript, the author and editor maintain a dialogue about the content and other aspects of the project. This process is unique for each author and can take as long as three months, but averages about four weeks, depending on how much discussion is generated, editing needed and the urgency for completion.
A print-ready manuscript requires about a business week of telephone and email discussions, concept presentations and cover layout adjustments.
Following approval of the manuscript by the author and delivery of the manuscript to the printer, it will take about seven business days to obtain a proof copy from the printer.
Reviewing this proof copy is the last chance to make any changes.
If the author decides to make substantial changes to the proof at this point, there will be extra charges over and above the initial quotation.
These will be advised prior to proceeding with changes.
Once the final proof has been authorized by the author and delivered to the printer, the books are normally delivered to the author within 10 business days.
The overall collaboration averages 4 to 6 weeks.