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Layout and Design



Every project is priced by the size of the book, number of pages, chapters, image inserts and other factors. We will provide a quick response once we have seen your manuscript. If you have a favorite book layout that you would like us to use, please provide the name of the book. We want you to be thrilled with your layout.

2. Calculating PAGE NUMBERS

The number of pages in a book is always a multiple of four
The book cover is never included in the page count.
Set aside 8 pages in the initial layout for these:

  • Title page
  • Copyright info page
  • Table of Contents pages
  • Dedication page
  • miscellaneous blank pages


3. Book Covers have 5 SIDES:

front interior,
back interior,

4. The WIDTH of a book cover SPINE varies.

It is recalculated for each book using the number of pages and thickness of paper preferred by the customer.

We provide the BOOK COVER template customized for your book at no charge.


5. Interior pages are quoted on BLACK INK.

However, we also print colour interior books. Whether you just want one page in colour or you have dozens of pages of colour photos, we offer both black ink and colour interior printing. We also price projects on the number of colour pages. We do not believe that you should pay the colour price for an entire book if only part of it is in colour.

Colour interior printing is no longer significantly higher in price; prices have dropped in the last year or so.


6. Our quotes are for high quality 70# white, or natural, paper stock.

When asking any printer for a quote, be sure which weight you are being quoted. Anything under 70# is unsuitable for colour printing, and barely acceptable in black ink printing.

7. Your book will be bookstore quality, PERFECT BOUND.

We only use saddle stitch to bind thin books under 36 pages.

Using a 12 point typeface will allow roughly 32 lines per page.
That includes blank lines, but most books have blank pages before chapter headings etc., so until the font size and layout is finalized, the number of pages can only be approximated.

The rule of thumb is that more is better. Small increases in the number of pages do not impact the cost very much. The consistent use of blank space in a book is a key element of design. We specialize in designing layouts that make your book easy on the eyes and inviting to read.

Prose averages 275 words per page.

Poetry averages 32 lines per page.

Non-fiction is similar to prose, but the inclusion of many images and charts requires expert layout and design to ensure every page looks professional. Our expert layout and editing will ensure that the points you make are clear and resonate consistently throughout the book.